Jaan by Rabia Malik

Setting the trends in Hijabs!

It actually makes you wonder why this hasn't happened already!

Perhaps designers haven't had the personal desire to create something like this like myself. Jaan has always aimed to create trends rather than follow them, and the very definition of trendsetting is to show everyone just how to make a good idea work!

Rabia Malik's Design

Most girls tend to wear hijabs in darker, more subtle styles. Are outfits in unusual styles and colours too bold for them?

I started out with black jilbabs, but the more I spoke to people, the more I realised that as long as the styles are tasteful and bespoke, there are plenty of adventurous, fashionminded wearers out there interested in them. After the initial doubt, most girls realise that far from insulting our culture and traditions, they're actually a beautiful way to embrace them.

They are incredibly youthful…

I was mindful to ensure all the garments could be worn by any age group. I've made every hijab and jilbab different – some are heavier than others and some are brighter. I didn't want anyone to feel restricted within my collection.

We were surprised and thrilled to see how rich and elaborate the designs are…

This collection is mainly for evening wear – for events such as weddings and parties. I wanted to do something that no one had seen before. My aim was to make each outfit stand out, so each piece is completely unique with intricate detailing. The only guideline I gave myself was to ensure my designs represented a modern Arabic look.


Rabia Malik's Design